Being a veggie novice in a lot of ways, sometimes its hard to get creative, but my skills have grown. Mostly through conversations and tips from friends, which has been great!

And my friends know how to get creative…Ashley sent this over:

I planned to spend some time making some good fall veggies, like the two squash and half dozen mini sweet potatoes that are around here. But no, I was too full and lazy, so I quickly sauteed the ends of some random vegetables. See:

But the real reason, I was full is because I snacked on more than a few of these when I got home from work:

The best vegetable of all: pumpkin cookies.
YumYumYum! She is so smart, when  I get full and lazy, I eat goldfish crackers. And I LOVE the idea of putting veggies in cookies. Thanks for the tip Ashley!

My biggest motivator and supporter in the veggie quest has easily been C. He has been nothing but positive. He always celebrates my wins and never gets on my case when I don’t clean my plate.

And he always cleans his. Even when I don’t quite get the cooking technique for a new veggie.

C. and I are good at very different things, which makes us a great team. But sometimes, its not always awesome. Like in our Words with Friends games. We started playing over the summer while he was in NC as a fun way to connect.

I have never won a single game. I’m not terrible, he is just really good. Really good. I was lamenting this the other night, and he claimed that I am clearly trending upward. And made this graph the prove it:

So, as you can see, around game 24-26 I might catch up and tie him. Great.

He is such a sweetheart. Even when we are torturing him with state pom-poms to cover his UNC hat.

Fall Week 3

Butternut Squash

4 Peppers


Green leaf

Lots of varieties of other greens…who knows whats all there!

This is for sure the greenest bag we’ve ever received! I’ll be making lots of salads this week. C. also likes when I put some ham and garlic with the greens while cooking. And of course, we cannot get enough butternut. I swear, I’m going to take pictures before I eat it all this time!

I actually have photography class tomorrow night that I got really cheap through Living Social. Its a DC monuments at night class and I’m excited to take my camera off auto focus for once. Ha. Wish me luck!

I haven’t done a rant post in awhile…and I’m an opinionated lady. So it’s about time!

A blog post on serious eats today boasted “How eating meat can save the planet!” with a link to this article.

Now, that interested me. I am an unapologetic meat eater. I believe that animals serve many purposes to other animals (including humans) and one of those purposes is as food.

I am also a HUGE believer in moderation. Balance is key in my life, thus adding vegetables when I wasn’t eating enough. You will note, however, that in this endeavor I did not go vegetarian or vegan.  I just balanced my meat and carb based meals with some veg.

The article was even better than the headline let on.  It, in fact, is a well reasoned interview about the joys of moderation…

So can we tuck into a steak guilt-free?
That’s a tabloid way of looking at it. If somebody had doubts about [whether or not to eat meat] and they read my book and agreed with it, they might think you can afford to eat a modest amount of dairy and meat without destructing the environment. But, of course, it is not what we eat individually — it is what we eat as a whole society that has the impact on the environment. Some vegans may continue their vegan ways. I’m arguing for meat in moderation, not to eradicate meat entirely, nor to overconsume it.

The tabloid way of looking at things seems to be exactly what the author is dispelling in his book. And I love it. He points out inaccuracies in the sensationalized view that meat production is destroying the environment.

And that moderation, not extremism,  just may be the key to a greener life.

So, I’m ordering Meat: A Benign Extravagance by Simon Fairlie. A vegetarian who became a farmer and then started eating his own goats.

A self described born-again carnivore.

I may just start a new series…people, send me your veggie dinner pics and I will post them!

My father in law sent me a pic of his lovely veggie dinner–

He says:

“Baby bok choy with spicy brown bean sauce (Tsang) and a dash of Tamari. Egg salad with roma tomatoes and baby green salad mix, fresh ground salt and pepper.  All made myself here. Chardonnay. It was excellent.”

I think the chardonnay is an excellent addition to any veggie meal. Maybe I just need to drink a little before tackling the bok choy? Desensitize those extra taste buds…

Send away–especially you, little sister, I wanna see what veggies are in your dorm meals!

Tonight I have to meet with a school group in the library to discuss a project.

(Can I say again–ALMOST done forever–70 days!)

That means I am also eating in the library. I have done a lot of this over the past two years, sitting in a little study carrel.

Meals must be thought through carefully, nothing too messy or smelly. Nothing that needs reheated or any preparation.

Leftover pizza is awesome.

But on days when that is not available, a sandwich is just what the doctor ordered. That’s what I’m having tonight–with CSA greens and ham.

And an apple! Yum!

Fall Week 2

The contents this week:

Lots of little baby carrots

3 little peppers (hot or not? TBD)

3 tomatoes


Pole beans

Sweet Potatoes

Turnip greens

You can see the dirt in the picture from the sweet potatoes. Should have thought about that before I just dumped the bag out on the counter! Oh well.

C. is super excited about those sweet potatoes. I’m not a huge fan…which is kinda weird. I’m going to tell myself that I like them. Maybe that will do it?


Back from a little hiatus, I’d like to admit that I have been eating not-so-great lately. We have been eating out of ton as a result of being on the road and catching up with friends over dinners.

BUT, we had a lovely weekend in NC and are now back to business. The CSA comes in tonight and we have some veggie eating to do. I’m most excited about a return of leafy salad greens and tons of butternut.

A quick recap of my lovely weekend visiting my sister for family weekend at NCSU:

There was BBQ (you just can’t get it like this anywhere in DC , period.)

There was a fall football game (that was sadly lost).

C. was SUCH a sport. He still wore his UNC hat and did not wear red, but was very supportive during the game.  He was not thrilled, however, that my loyalties are now split.

There was my sister is a red dress and cowboy boots (apprently a ‘thing’ among state girls)

There was pizza from my fav Apex pizza spot (you may think baked ziti pizza would be too much–you would be wrong)

And last but not least…There was my favorite food in the world…cliche as it may be…mom’s apple pie

My mom has a way with apples. This has been my favorite food for as long as I can remember. I get it piping hot and then cover it in cool milk. Oh goodness. I need more pie.

Sadly, I tried to make one once, but it just isn’t the same as when your mom makes it for you. I bet you know what I mean.

Fall, Week 1


pole beans

cherry tomatoes

regular tomatoes


Hakurei turnips

Yukina Savoy mustard greens


Lots of new things this week! I haven’t tried most of these items before. I didn’t even know what a sunchoke was –thanks google images!

I plan to do some roasted root vegetables with isreali cous cous very soon, its one of my favs. I also need to do something with the tomatoes piling up and I bet those greens will be great in a stir fry.

I’m going to NC this weekend for my little sister’s family weekend at NCSU, very excited! But also mean lots of preservation to do. Better get on it…

An email showed up in my inbox this morning that made me a little nostalgic. My college is having its annual homecoming next weekend and the picture in the notice took me back:

This is the scene when driving up to the school, which never ever got old.

Warren Wilson is an old farm school, which is now a college with a farm where every student works and service to the community is required. It is a lovely concept called the Triad.

My first semester I was a dishwasher and my shift was breakfast. I loved it. It was peaceful and my mind could wander while spraying out pans and loading trays full of plates.

I also got to do a little baking and cooking in the kitchen. I actually continued doing it for extra money, even after my crew assignment changed.

It also made me smell like maple syrup.

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I'm skeptical of vegetables and joined a CSA to see if I can make friends with them. This blog exists so that I can hold myself accountable to eating what I paid for and document what I can do with lots of local produce!

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