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Back from a little hiatus, I’d like to admit that I have been eating not-so-great lately. We have been eating out of ton as a result of being on the road and catching up with friends over dinners.

BUT, we had a lovely weekend in NC and are now back to business. The CSA comes in tonight and we have some veggie eating to do. I’m most excited about a return of leafy salad greens and tons of butternut.

A quick recap of my lovely weekend visiting my sister for family weekend at NCSU:

There was BBQ (you just can’t get it like this anywhere in DC , period.)

There was a fall football game (that was sadly lost).

C. was SUCH a sport. He still wore his UNC hat and did not wear red, but was very supportive during the game.  He was not thrilled, however, that my loyalties are now split.

There was my sister is a red dress and cowboy boots (apprently a ‘thing’ among state girls)

There was pizza from my fav Apex pizza spot (you may think baked ziti pizza would be too much–you would be wrong)

And last but not least…There was my favorite food in the world…cliche as it may be…mom’s apple pie

My mom has a way with apples. This has been my favorite food for as long as I can remember. I get it piping hot and then cover it in cool milk. Oh goodness. I need more pie.

Sadly, I tried to make one once, but it just isn’t the same as when your mom makes it for you. I bet you know what I mean.


I come from a long line of folks who consider potatoes a vegetable.

Take for example, the beach this weekend. I had a cheesesteak, with a veggie side of fries! 🙂 And lettuce and ketchup, even. That’s three of my 5 vegetable servings for the day.

I kid. (Kinda)

We went down to Rehoboth Beach on Saturday and caught the most amazing weather. It wasn’t too hot or too cold.

We played arcade games on the boardwalk,  napped on the beach, rode rides and played mini golf in the evening. A better day could not have been had.

The next day was rainy, which was perfect. We slept in to the pitter-pat of raindrops ate breakfast and went to the Tanger Outlets on the way home. For 5 hours. I’ll leave it at that.

This leaves me with two conclusions about how things would be in my perfect world:

1. Every weekend would be a beach weekend. One day sunny, one day rainy.

2. Potatoes would be a veggie.

I love McDonalds. I really do. I know a lot of people say it gross and stuff, but I grew up on it. As a child, all chicken products were McNuggests.

And today, in moderation, I still think its awesome. And when they started making all white meat nuggets…you couldn’t find a happier girl.

In fact, McDonald’s recently saved me from falling asleep at the wheel. My flight was canceled and they couldn’t get me on another one in time to get on the cruise ship. I had to rent a car and drive all night to make it.

The 24-hour McDonald’s came to my rescue at 3am. I got a coke and a 6 piece nugget meal. The fries were hot and fresh. Yum. I am normally an orange drink girl, but I got a coke for the caffeine. It really helped. Me, I-95 South, a grand marquis, nuggets and a TON of 18 wheelers. What a night.

This woman, however, takes what could be called ‘the love of McNuggets’ one step too far…

I have to say:

My first thought when watching this video was not ‘wow, that lady is crazy’ but instead, ‘wow, I really want McDonald’s for lunch.’

But I promise, even though there is a McDonald’s right across the street, I am eating my fried rice with all sorts of CSA veggies instead (its actually really good).

I went into the cruise with a mixture of excitement and fear about food. I knew there would be TONS of food. I knew it would be easy to access and “free.” I also knew there would not be a lot of veggies in my choices. I was terrified I would over eat.

But, I had also accepted it.  Isn’t that what vacation was for? Indulgences…like white bread and cupcakes?

But, as luck would have it, the food just wasn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and I ate a lot of it, but it wasn’t so amazing that I couldn’t stop eating. The quality matched the price we paid for the vacation, so I was happy.

The food in Freeport, however, was quite good, especially all the fish for C. He ate a whole plate of these conch fritters (and a fish gyro!)

Also, Carnival is know for its Chocolate Melting Cake and I had one every single night!! Clay also loved the creme brulee.

And really, everything is good when this is your backdrop…

And no, there are not any veggie pictures from my vacation. Even a veggie blog gets a break every once in awhile! A veggie vacation, if you will.

After a relaxing week, I have returned to the land of frozen veggies. I missed the CSA pick up yesterday by even more than I had imagined because of a looooog plane delay. And for those of you who know me, flying is not my favorite anyway. Booo, hissssss.

The cruise was awesome. I took naps, snorkeled, ate a lot of (okay) food. I love the ocean, I can’t get enough. This cruise renewed my interest in taking a transatlantic.

My sister’s friend came along…and she is a hard core picky eater–much like myself at her age. I realized just how far I’ve come. I think she deserves her own post…stay tuned.

Even though I didn’t get the fresh veggies this week I’m excited to dig into all the stuff I’ve been keeping…I see fried rice coming my way…with pickles on top. Ha!

Pictures from the trip coming soon!

But for now…Dirty Potatoes!

We had a lovely party with some friends on the roof of our building for the 4th, and I used CSA veggies in almost everything we ate (and drank)!

Homemade Cucumber and ginger infused vodka with ginger ale and lemon. Dangerous.

Zucchini bread muffins with lemon cream cheese drizzle.

This is my plate, which isn’t as exciting as others at the dinner, because I was a little apprehensive about some of the elements. But it was mostly really yummy, especially the brats! The squash fritters didn’t turn out at all like I wanted, however. The recipe was in the CSA newsletter and didn’t come together. But I did use the tarragon from the CSA bag and that really brought up the flavor.

A friend brought some cucumber dip and cucumber salad that were just excellent. The cucumber dip really helped the fritters.

The weather was perfect, and the fireworks amazing. We can see not only the mall fireworks, but ones all over the city. The cops saw those too from their cop helicopter with the spotlight…but that didn’t stop anyone. We heard fireworks well after midnight, which made me smile. Yay! Independence!

I’m in Brownsville, TX for work, which Is way south of Houston, but I couldn’t resist the title. It’s a little border town and I have really enjoyed my time here. You see, DC does not have Mexican food like I’m used to from NC. And not even NC couldn’t even come close to this awesomeness…

I came home from my amazing, fantastic, wonderful weekend in NC to a very sad sight.

Two wasted CSA products.  I can hear the booing and the hissing already…

The chard was completely brown, when it used to look like this (wasn’t it pretty, then?):

The other causality was the dill. I put it in water in the fridge and thought it would make it. But  I could smell it as soon as I walked in the door. The fridge is going to smell like pickles from now until kingdom come.

BUT, I also want to highlight some successes of the weekend. We went to Fearrington Village to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We stayed there on our wedding night so decided to go back  and enjoy a bit more of the grounds, do some shopping and eat at their delicious restaurant (several times).

It was incredible. They bumped us up to a suite again (with soaking tub). C. had a beautiful summer bouquet in the room when we arrived. We saw their famous belted cows. The service was impeccable. Wow.

My favorite thing at dinner was the amuse bouche, a play on ants on a log. Braised celery, jasmine plumped raisins and a peanut butter panna cotta. Yum!

C. just wanted the breakfast. HE woke ME up to  go get it. That is not normal.

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