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Fall! Week 5






Tomatoes (2 little ones)


Mustard greens

The fridge is overflowing! So much food! Luckily squashes have a long shelf life and I’ve learned how to keep greens fresh for longer.

Also, I am having a love affair with parsley. I use some of it fresh, but I also food process some of it. I keep it in a baggy in the freezer and can just break off some and add it to anything I am cooking!


I took a little trip to the southwestern US and it was breathtaking.

I rode the tramway up to the tippy top of Sandia mountian, which means watermelon.

And this is why:

It turns pink in the sunset.

I also had the amazing opportunity to visit a closed pueblo (Jemez) and view some programming. I met some amazing people and ate some incredible food. Out of respect for, and preservation of, their culture–no pictures are allowed on the pueblo. But trust me, it was just awesome.

We even made up to Santa Fe for an afternoon and ate at a little place called the Shed. This is an enchilada with some pork on it. Um, yeah. Pretty darn amazing.

All and all a pretty amazing trip. I am one lucky duck.

Tonight I came home and wanted to do nothing but sit around and eat something unhealthy and watch TV. My wish came true with pizza and a Four Weddings marathon.

Oh, why do I love TLC so much?

It got me thinking about our special day!!

And there were green peppers on my pizza.  And with four slices I think that I got a whole serving of veggies. I think that makes it okay.

Week 13!!

Lucky 13. Lucky because this bag has raspberries! Also in the bag:


3 tomatoes

Head of Garlic

Tons of little onions

2 squash


Pole Beans

I’m roasting some eggplant and one of those tomatoes and some of the garlic as I type. Smells good!

Week 11!

A couple scary veggies, but nothing C. can’t handle. 🙂

We’ve got…

7 tomatoes

3 onions


3 peppers

3 eggplants


Green Beans


Black Berries

Yes, you heard me right, black berries. Yeah, those got in my belly pretty darn quick. With cream. Yep.


I had to get up early this morning but it was made totally okay by the topic of my morning podcast…TASTE.

So, I have a love affair with Josh and Chuck of the Stuff You Should Know podcast and listening has become my commute routine (along with stuff you missed in history class). I have become very good at jeopardy and trivial pursuit because of this habit.

This morning’s podcast was SO interesting it woke me right up and started my day off right. It was like coffee for you normal tasters!!

Super tasting was even mentioned several times. I learned so many things that I didn’t know, I can’t even recount them all here. But if you have any interest in how taste/flavor, etc work, I highly recommend listening to this 35 minutes of awesomeness.

A few things that resonated with me:

1.  You can taste carbon dioxide. Blech! I hate carbonated beverages. Validation!

2. Your gut can taste and trigger vomiting and tummy aches. I get really bad stomach aches after eating lots of greens…especially after drinking green juice. In fact, I’ve had a few not stay down.

3. The gene that determines how/if you taste bitter is so prominent that for a time it was used in paternity tests.

Yes, my friends. So much cool information. And as my buddies always say at the end of their podcasts, you can go HERE and type taste in the ‘handy search bar’ and…

Your search for “taste” returned 1,653 articles.

The first page alone…(

Okay, so now I’m off to write Josh and Chuck my first fan email. I feel like a school girl with a poster of JTT in her locker. (Throwback!)

OMG! They are so cute and smart…!!!

As promised, the green bread post. When he saw the last picture, C. said ‘that doesn’t look natural.’ And I have to be honest when I opened the food processor to this…

The smell that came out completely turned me off to this…

I froze them for now, but plan to break them out soon!

This may not look very appetizing, but it’s actually quite yummy. It also represents a step in the right direction for me. I didn’t have to think, I just threw together some left over CSA veggies, black beans, rice and mixed in some of my many pestos…and lunch! I’m learning…

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