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I’ve been seeing Larabars everywhere lately, especially on Iowa Girl Eats (an adorable blog–she even put a larabar in a smoothie the other day!). My TCM doc also recommended them.

So, last night at the TJs I decided to go for it and bought 5.

Now, I love a granola bar.  C. and I buy big boxes of them and eat them everyday. Its a good ‘on-the-go grad student’ kind of food. But energy bars have always turned me off a little. Weird taste.

Also, me and soy don’t get along real well and every granola bar seems to have the little “CONTAINS: SOY” label.  Sigh. Not to mention the foot long list of crappy chemistry set ingredients.

Enter LaraBars. Which, somehow (magic?) have nothing in them but fruit and nuts. I tried Cherry Pie this morning. WOW! SOOO goood. I’m hooked.

They are definitely more expensive, but for something I eat almost everyday, I think a little extra money for the lack-of-all-things crappy is worth it.

My new buddy Lara…sorry for the crappy  phone picture!


I love McDonalds. I really do. I know a lot of people say it gross and stuff, but I grew up on it. As a child, all chicken products were McNuggests.

And today, in moderation, I still think its awesome. And when they started making all white meat nuggets…you couldn’t find a happier girl.

In fact, McDonald’s recently saved me from falling asleep at the wheel. My flight was canceled and they couldn’t get me on another one in time to get on the cruise ship. I had to rent a car and drive all night to make it.

The 24-hour McDonald’s came to my rescue at 3am. I got a coke and a 6 piece nugget meal. The fries were hot and fresh. Yum. I am normally an orange drink girl, but I got a coke for the caffeine. It really helped. Me, I-95 South, a grand marquis, nuggets and a TON of 18 wheelers. What a night.

This woman, however, takes what could be called ‘the love of McNuggets’ one step too far…

I have to say:

My first thought when watching this video was not ‘wow, that lady is crazy’ but instead, ‘wow, I really want McDonald’s for lunch.’

But I promise, even though there is a McDonald’s right across the street, I am eating my fried rice with all sorts of CSA veggies instead (its actually really good).

I went into the cruise with a mixture of excitement and fear about food. I knew there would be TONS of food. I knew it would be easy to access and “free.” I also knew there would not be a lot of veggies in my choices. I was terrified I would over eat.

But, I had also accepted it.  Isn’t that what vacation was for? Indulgences…like white bread and cupcakes?

But, as luck would have it, the food just wasn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and I ate a lot of it, but it wasn’t so amazing that I couldn’t stop eating. The quality matched the price we paid for the vacation, so I was happy.

The food in Freeport, however, was quite good, especially all the fish for C. He ate a whole plate of these conch fritters (and a fish gyro!)

Also, Carnival is know for its Chocolate Melting Cake and I had one every single night!! Clay also loved the creme brulee.

And really, everything is good when this is your backdrop…

And no, there are not any veggie pictures from my vacation. Even a veggie blog gets a break every once in awhile! A veggie vacation, if you will.

The first time my mom made zucchini bread I turned my little nose up at it. She did something she normally didn’t do and really pushed me to try it. Oh, the wisdom of mothers.  It was delicious!

I’m still a sucker for it. As soon as I saw zucchini in the last CSA bag I knew it was time. But I wanted to make muffins instead for ease of eating at the roof party. I found a great recipe on smitten kitchen, where many a great recipe is found.



Into the pan:

Into the oven:

Into my mouth:

Week 4! (plus a kitty)

1 bunch tarragon

3 summer squashes

1 zuchinni

3 beets

1 cucumber

Red potatoes(!)

Bag of green leaf

oh, and Chard.

I am particularly excited about those potatoes and I also see some zucchini bread in my future!! I’m  planning some squash fritters, which might be a great addition to our 4th of July roof party this weekend. Not to mention some cucumber beverages, there is something about cucumber and alcohol I really liked. With a little ginger ale…yum. Clearly, I like to do very healthy things with my veggies.

And that’s Bea Arthur back there lookin’ pretty, just in case you were wondering.

Kale chips. Not so sure how I feel…bitter is the hardest taste for me. The roasting definitely killed some of it…but they ain’t no potato chip.

The kale was very pretty, but even cutting it for the chips I could taste it through the smell. I used a Smitten Kitchen recipe and they turned our perfectly.Just a toss in olive oil and salt followed by 20 minutes in the oven @300 reduced the leafy fullness to flat little chips.

I hope C. likes them, because they are in tupperware in my suitcase, coming with me to NC!

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