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The blog has a new mascot.

I think he just saw some chard.


This is a Friday SUPER sweet.

C. was reading his blogs last weekend and came across an article about how to make fast food items at home.

#2 item? The wendy’s frosty.

We didn’t really believe it at first. Could it really be the same? C. did some extensive message board research. We watched the video a few times.

We made a decision. We could deal with the stomach aches. It was worth a shot. What’s the worst that could happen?

C. went to buy the supplies.

The result? Unbelievably, undeniably, this concoction was JUST LIKE a frosty. The look, taste and texture.

Just. Wow.

All it took was chocolate milk, sweetened condensed milk and cool wip into an ice cream maker for about 20 minutes.

And actually, my stomach didn’t even hurt that much!  Really!

My biggest motivator and supporter in the veggie quest has easily been C. He has been nothing but positive. He always celebrates my wins and never gets on my case when I don’t clean my plate.

And he always cleans his. Even when I don’t quite get the cooking technique for a new veggie.

C. and I are good at very different things, which makes us a great team. But sometimes, its not always awesome. Like in our Words with Friends games. We started playing over the summer while he was in NC as a fun way to connect.

I have never won a single game. I’m not terrible, he is just really good. Really good. I was lamenting this the other night, and he claimed that I am clearly trending upward. And made this graph the prove it:

So, as you can see, around game 24-26 I might catch up and tie him. Great.

He is such a sweetheart. Even when we are torturing him with state pom-poms to cover his UNC hat.

An email showed up in my inbox this morning that made me a little nostalgic. My college is having its annual homecoming next weekend and the picture in the notice took me back:

This is the scene when driving up to the school, which never ever got old.

Warren Wilson is an old farm school, which is now a college with a farm where every student works and service to the community is required. It is a lovely concept called the Triad.

My first semester I was a dishwasher and my shift was breakfast. I loved it. It was peaceful and my mind could wander while spraying out pans and loading trays full of plates.

I also got to do a little baking and cooking in the kitchen. I actually continued doing it for extra money, even after my crew assignment changed.

It also made me smell like maple syrup.

Tonight I came home and wanted to do nothing but sit around and eat something unhealthy and watch TV. My wish came true with pizza and a Four Weddings marathon.

Oh, why do I love TLC so much?

It got me thinking about our special day!!

And there were green peppers on my pizza.  And with four slices I think that I got a whole serving of veggies. I think that makes it okay.

Nothing to do with vegetables, but look at those GREEN eyes! My Bea Arthur is something special.

I’m planning a lot of good veggie cooking this weekend, but for a Friday, we need something…sweeter.

Like homemade ice cream, perhaps?

This recipe is perfect for blueberry shortcakes. It has buttermilk, whiskey and honey, along with the standard ice cream ingredients. Heavenly. The tang of the buttermilk was great with the sweetness of the blueberries.

The whiskey adds the perfect bite, and apparently helps the ice cream set up a bit more softly. Did I mention you don’t have to cook anything? Just mix ingredients and dump into the ice cream machine. We ate it as soft serve, but it did set up nicely for later.

And a little tip–cover the surface of your ice cream with plastic wrap and it prevents those pesky little ice crystals from forming!

I’m so looking forward to the weekend. I’ve got a girls day planned with one of my best buds to cook and watch movies. Let’s not talk about the school work right now. Shhhhh.

I also have big plans for this little guy…

have a great weekend!

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