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I had one of those mornings where I woke up just as the sun was rising and started thinking.

Well, not really thinking…worrying.

I lost a dear person in my life this week.  A sweet and wonderful lady, my step mother’s mother…one of the 4 grandmas I am lucky enough to have. It started me thinking about other people in my life and how important they are. And at dawn, those things seem scary and unmanageable.

So I got my butt out of bed and made some breakfast.

Having something to do lessened the blues. And of course, chopping stuff up is always therapeutic!

My eggs are on top (sans-chard), C.’s are on the bottom. Other ingredients (all from CSA) were garlic, red pepper, chives and a tomato.

Very good, but I may have made a little bit too much for that early in the morning! Oh well.


This past week I dug into the freezer to make myself some lunches. I had frozen CSA carrots, peas, squash and zucchini. I also still had an onion, some garlic and eggs from the CSA.

And don’t forget the ginger from the grocery store. Oh, ginger. Oh.

Mix that with a little left over rice…

I got something that actually swayed me from walking to McDonald’s yesterday for McNuggets. (!!)

And I’m having it again today. The lunch countdown begins!

I’m excited to get more veggies tonight, especially after I got the newsletter today and everything in the bag is on the “Safe Vegetable” list. Nothing from the “Scary vegetable” list because they gave us another chard-break!

I think I’m going to trademark the term “chard-break.” You CSA subscribers know what I mean…

This week, with the help of C. being home, we ate everything! I didn’t have to do any preservation. My freezer is grateful.

I’m looking forward to the next bag.  Yesterday, I thinned leftover cucumber dip with a little vinegar and put it on a salad. Yummy. Hopefully I’ll get some more leafy greens so I can do it again.

C. did the heavy lifting on the chard, which was eaten cooked up with garlic and several of the fresh eggs for breakfast. He declared it delicious and nutritious.

I ate my plain eggs and smiled.

A very timely post appeared over at the kitchn today about enjoying the variations of life, nature and people.   When I first saw the post I was just excited about the picture of the multi shaped and colored farm fresh eggs. When I pick up my eggs I’m always excited to see the little wonky one. I actually took a lot of photos of this one because, although its hard to tell, its very blue and tiny.

But when I actually read the whole post, I was grateful for the little bit of wisdom it imparted. I’ve been running into some of those tough life walls lately, having to face stuff that I’m not proud of and would love to change about myself. Like the fact that I have to drug myself into oblivion to fly. But its nice to just think about myself as a little blue egg. The one that I feel so much affection for. When I see the wonky egg in my carton I often picture the little hen that laid it. To her, its just as good as the big brown ones. And she’s right, this one was darn tasty!

I’m not even sure how I first heard about the CSA (community-supported agriculture) concept, but the idea appealed to me right away. I think my husband, henceforth referred to as C., might have told me about them.

I began my CSA search where all searches begin, Google. I quickly found a wonderful WaPo article on CSA’s in the DC metro area. It has a lovely overview of what to look for in a CSA and 5 pages of them to research. I made an excel sheet (don’t judge) of distance, price per week, number of weeks, pick-up options and offerings.

There are SO many options. Some offer fruit, eggs, bread, flowers, meat, or cheese, along with the more traditional veggies. All of these appealed to me more than the veggie only options, for obvious reasons.

After narrowing it down to options that had fruit OR eggs (but never both, so sad) and ones that were close enough and didn’t cost an arm or a leg, I started doing research of their online reviews. It became clear the Potomac Vegetable Farm (PVF) was the best option for us.

Here is what we got for about $25/wk:

Mini Share: Designed to feed single folks or couples who eat out often (they also offer regular and robust shares)

Summer: week of June 1 to September 14 = 16 weeks of summer produce: luscious tomatoes, versatile squashes, swiss chard, garlic, peppers, celery and basil.

Autumn: week of September 21 to November 9 = 8 weeks of fall produce: butternut squash, sweet potatoes, celery root, kale, asian greens and salad greens.

And of course, I added:

Egg Share: fresh brown unfertilized eggs from happy birds!

Because eggs aren’t vegetables!!

They also offer bread and flowers, but we didn’t go for that this year. PVF filled up super quickly, after opening up on Valentines Day. Glad we got in!

I pick up on Wednesdays in Alexandria. This was great when I had a car, but since C. is running off to NC he needs it more (I guess). So, I will be investing in a zipcar membership for the pick ups. And yes, that IS annoying.

The nice, delicious, not scary part of the CSA…

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I'm skeptical of vegetables and joined a CSA to see if I can make friends with them. This blog exists so that I can hold myself accountable to eating what I paid for and document what I can do with lots of local produce!

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