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When I opened my email this morning the first thing I did was look at the “In the Bag” for today. The coordinator of the CSA reminded us that this is the LAST WEEK of the summer CSA share. What?

It made me a little sad, even though we have the fall share coming. Change is always hard for me, and there seems to be a lot of it going around lately. I just got used to the summer veggies! What will the fall bring?

In the cooking world, its so good…add a little heat and we can take this:

to this:

But then, I think, weren’t they perfectly good just like this?

Well, maybe without the little branch.

But as long as I get more butternut squash, it will all be okay. ūüėČ


I went into the cruise with a mixture of excitement and fear about food. I knew there would be TONS of food. I knew it would be easy to access and “free.” I also knew there would not be a lot of veggies in my choices. I was terrified I would over eat.

But, I had also accepted it.¬† Isn’t that what vacation was for? Indulgences…like white bread and cupcakes?

But, as luck would have it, the food just wasn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and I ate a lot of it, but it wasn’t so amazing that I couldn’t stop eating. The quality matched the price we paid for the vacation, so I was happy.

The food in Freeport, however, was quite good, especially all the fish for C. He ate a whole plate of these conch fritters (and a fish gyro!)

Also, Carnival is know for its Chocolate Melting Cake and I had one every single night!! Clay also loved the creme brulee.

And really, everything is good when this is your backdrop…

And no, there are not any veggie pictures from my vacation. Even a veggie blog gets a break every once in awhile! A veggie vacation, if you will.

Our ancestors would be proud! I am making the once treacherous trek from coast to coast in less than 48 hours! I’ll be in LA for about a day for work, it should be fun. Maybe I should look up the word fun?

Be back soon! Look forward to some green bread stories.

And wish my planes luck! (please).

I’m planning a lot of good veggie cooking this weekend, but for a Friday, we need something…sweeter.

Like homemade ice cream, perhaps?

This recipe is perfect for blueberry shortcakes. It has buttermilk, whiskey and honey, along with the standard ice cream ingredients. Heavenly. The tang of the buttermilk was great with the sweetness of the blueberries.

The whiskey adds the perfect bite, and apparently helps the ice cream set up a bit more softly. Did I mention you don’t have to cook anything? Just mix ingredients and dump into the ice cream machine. We ate it as soft serve, but it did set up nicely for later.

And a little tip–cover the surface of your ice cream with plastic wrap and it prevents those pesky little ice crystals from forming!

Blueberries are magical and oh-so American, oh-so summer. I watched a Good Eats episode about blueberries a long time ago and was memorized by their nutritional punch and native pedigree. I decided to start liking them in things besides muffins. Although, these cooks illustrated muffins take it to a whole new level. Try um.

But that’s not what we are talking about today…we are talking about blueberry shortcake. And ice cream with whiskey and honey.

I picked up a pint of fresh blue berries from a local farmer at Eastern Market on my way home from yoga. The sun was shining. I didn’t take a bag, so I carried the pint home for 15 min starting at them without eating even one. Tough. But would you really blame me if I had?? Look at them!

Throw those in a pan with some lemon, sugar and pinch of cinnamon.

Add heat. Magic happens…

Oh man. They were awesome.

Okay, I’ll get one more.

Quote from our movie that sums up our day. Best bud and I baked a lovely fruity dessert, chatted and watched movies.

Recipes for all the delicious elements to come.

And here’s a little preview. We ate these…

(Yes, that’s whiskey at 3pm. Thats just how we roll.)

Then we watched these…

It was a good day. A very good day.

Oh, and best bud wants my camera. Sorry, best bud.¬† But 10 to 1 she has one by the end of the month. ūüôā

The first time my mom made zucchini bread I turned my little nose up at it. She did something she normally didn’t do and really pushed me to try it. Oh, the wisdom of mothers.¬† It was delicious!

I’m still a sucker for it. As soon as I saw zucchini in the last CSA bag I knew it was time. But I wanted to make muffins instead for ease of eating at the roof party. I found a great recipe on smitten kitchen, where many a great recipe is found.



Into the pan:

Into the oven:

Into my mouth:

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