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A big ole crate arrived at my door at 11:30pm last night.

And of course, I had to play with it and take pictures, so I’m a little sleepy today!

I’m really liking Arganica so far. The veggies look great and there was lots of variety in the produce box. I really like that they include fruit (kiwi!).

This is all the fruit, veggies and bread. We also go some milk and applesauce. I drank a glass of milk…and DANG. Tasty.

And yes, there was CHARD in the damn box. I asked C. to hold it up so I could take a picture of it. You know, to illustrate my complaints on this here blog about the TWO bunches of chard.

But as you can see…he has very different feelings than I about the leafy green.

Here we go!


Week 16

Last blue bag of the summer contains:

2 hot peppers (yay!)

Roma tomatoes

Regular tomatoes

Bag of green beans

Spaghetti Squash

2 Zucchini


Don’t see the chard in the picture? Its back there. In the newspaper bag. There was a little caterpillar on the chard leaves so I didn’t want to take it out of the bag. I need to take him outside when I get home tonight.

He can have AS MUCH chard as he wants between now and then.

Eat away little buddy!

When I opened my email this morning the first thing I did was look at the “In the Bag” for today. The coordinator of the CSA reminded us that this is the LAST WEEK of the summer CSA share. What?

It made me a little sad, even though we have the fall share coming. Change is always hard for me, and there seems to be a lot of it going around lately. I just got used to the summer veggies! What will the fall bring?

In the cooking world, its so good…add a little heat and we can take this:

to this:

But then, I think, weren’t they perfectly good just like this?

Well, maybe without the little branch.

But as long as I get more butternut squash, it will all be okay. ūüėČ

This week has been strange. I’m staying in a hotel my own city and working like a crazy person. Thus, the lack of posts! C. picked up the veggies yesterday, but I haven’t even seen them yet!

I’m doing a federal grant review, and wow, they really feed you at these things. Every meal is catered by a really excellent restaurant that is in the hotel, or we just eat in the restaurant. I am not used to eating this much. And let me tell you, even really good food at an amazing place gets old after the 9th visit in a row.

I’m so looking forward to getting back to my home, my bed and my kitchen tomorrow afternoon!

It was a weekend of Latin-type food, both homemade and out. At home, I made salsa (one of my favorite things) with all CSA ingredients and ate it with nachos. I did not get a jalapeno at TJs because I thought one of the peppers in my CSA basket was a little spicy because it looked like the spicy ones my sister grew in her garden last year.

Sadly, I was wrong, so my salsa was a little flat. But an overnight rest in the fridge blended the flavors really nicely. I love things that are better the next day! Next time I will get cilantro, too. But this had such a clean, fresh and uncomplicated flavor. Very nice.

Tomatoes, onion and peppers into the processor…

Give it a whirl…

I’m really into TJ’s reduced fat Mexican blend cheese, even though it doesn’t melt very well. It still tastes good!

In other (big) news…C returned for good!!!! Its amazing to have him back. The house just feels like a home again. I spent Sunday afternoon on the couch watching him put his stuff away and chatting. Getting a kiss every once in awhile. Heaven.

We went out to a new neighborhood Latin restaurant last night that was just…eh. Its sad because its so close and my favorite genre of food. Maybe it will get better? I have hope!

Week 8

They were good to their word, no Chard. But honestly, I’m more overwhelmed by the amount of zucchini and squash. I can’t eat it all, so they have taken over my freezer. We will have enough to last us for a long time after the CSA is done in the fall.

p.s. I need a bigger freezer.

In this bag this week:

2 eggplant

2 tomatoes (heirloom looking)

2 zuchinni

2 squash

1 bunch each basil and parsley

2 cucumbers

3 sweet onions

I set to work as soon as a I got home to get as much preserved as possible. Luckily I had some good TV, and Top Chef DC was a nice inspiration for all the cutting and chopping. I even got a little crazy with my knife and tried some new moves.¬† Don’t worry, C.–no cuts!

After two hours of work, I had four bags of frozen items and more pesto. I also made a tomato sauce (which I’m about to eat for lunch over some of last weeks potatoes).

The eggplant and cukes are going to the nice friend who is checking in on the cats while I am on vacation! I can’t wait to get on the cruise ship and eat everything all day long.

See you next Thursday!!

Any starch based veggie is good for me! Corn, potatoes and peas. Yum-0.

I had to cancel my CSA pick up this week since I will be on a red-eye back from LA, but I still got the list of what would have been in my bag tonight and it made me very sad.

bicolor corn, cucumber, squash, carrots, beets, potatoes, chard, basil, Thai basil

Sign. BUT I thought I was going to miss the first week of tomatoes and I didn’t, so thats a relief! But CORN!?!?!

That’s almost as bad.

To start off my veggie posts from last weekend…frozen squash! This method freezing is great because you blanch, then pre-freeze in a single layer on a cookie sheet. See how nice and separate they are? Like little golden coins. They will be so easy to use in soups or as a side. Yum. I love the idea of local veggies in the winter. If they make it that long!

I’m planning a lot of good veggie cooking this weekend, but for a Friday, we need something…sweeter.

Like homemade ice cream, perhaps?

This recipe is perfect for blueberry shortcakes. It has buttermilk, whiskey and honey, along with the standard ice cream ingredients. Heavenly. The tang of the buttermilk was great with the sweetness of the blueberries.

The whiskey adds the perfect bite, and apparently helps the ice cream set up a bit more softly. Did I mention you don’t have to cook anything? Just mix ingredients and dump into the ice cream machine. We ate it as soft serve, but it did set up nicely for later.

And a little tip–cover the surface of your ice cream with plastic wrap and it prevents those pesky little ice crystals from forming!

Week 6!

In the bag:

2 summer squash

3 zucchini -2 little 1 huge

Bunch of Basil


Head of garlic

4 cucumbers

2 sweet onions

1 bulb of fennel

I actually didn’t mean to cover up the fennel with the little zucchini. I think it was my subconscious trying to save me from it. Right now its all bagged up and headed to best bud’s kitchen. Maybe next time, fennel, maybe next time.

I’m planning some chard bread, fridge pickles and a squash/pesto thing from the CSA newsletter.¬† Good thing, since I made more pesto last night!

Fennel. Fennel is number one on the scary list. Numero Uno.

The last time fennel bit me in the rear was when C. was visiting. We went to our super favorite restaurant, Montemarte. They had a cold sweet pea soup on the menu. I ordered it because C. didn’t want to share the salad special with me because he wanted escargot (see how this is his fault?).

I love peas, so when the soup came I fearlessly–overcoming all my super tasting tendencies–put a big ole spoonful in my mouth without the traditional pinky dip and taste.




Not cool fennel. Ruined my soup. Made it inedible. Now why are you in my CSA bag? WHY?

Numero Uno…

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