This is a Friday SUPER sweet.

C. was reading his blogs last weekend and came across an article about how to make fast food items at home.

#2 item? The wendy’s frosty.

We didn’t really believe it at first. Could it really be the same? C. did some extensive message board research. We watched the video a few times.

We made a decision. We could deal with the stomach aches. It was worth a shot. What’s the worst that could happen?

C. went to buy the supplies.

The result? Unbelievably, undeniably, this concoction was JUST LIKE a frosty. The look, taste and texture.

Just. Wow.

All it took was chocolate milk, sweetened condensed milk and cool wip into an ice cream maker for about 20 minutes.

And actually, my stomach didn’t even hurt that much!  Really!