Being a veggie novice in a lot of ways, sometimes its hard to get creative, but my skills have grown. Mostly through conversations and tips from friends, which has been great!

And my friends know how to get creative…Ashley sent this over:

I planned to spend some time making some good fall veggies, like the two squash and half dozen mini sweet potatoes that are around here. But no, I was too full and lazy, so I quickly sauteed the ends of some random vegetables. See:

But the real reason, I was full is because I snacked on more than a few of these when I got home from work:

The best vegetable of all: pumpkin cookies.
YumYumYum! She is so smart, when  I get full and lazy, I eat goldfish crackers. And I LOVE the idea of putting veggies in cookies. Thanks for the tip Ashley!