My biggest motivator and supporter in the veggie quest has easily been C. He has been nothing but positive. He always celebrates my wins and never gets on my case when I don’t clean my plate.

And he always cleans his. Even when I don’t quite get the cooking technique for a new veggie.

C. and I are good at very different things, which makes us a great team. But sometimes, its not always awesome. Like in our Words with Friends games. We started playing over the summer while he was in NC as a fun way to connect.

I have never won a single game. I’m not terrible, he is just really good. Really good. I was lamenting this the other night, and he claimed that I am clearly trending upward. And made this graph the prove it:

So, as you can see, around game 24-26 I might catch up and tie him. Great.

He is such a sweetheart. Even when we are torturing him with state pom-poms to cover his UNC hat.