I haven’t done a rant post in awhile…and I’m an opinionated lady. So it’s about time!

A blog post on serious eats today boasted “How eating meat can save the planet!” with a link to this article.

Now, that interested me. I am an unapologetic meat eater. I believe that animals serve many purposes to other animals (including humans) and one of those purposes is as food.

I am also a HUGE believer in moderation. Balance is key in my life, thus adding vegetables when I wasn’t eating enough. You will note, however, that in this endeavor I did not go vegetarian or vegan.  I just balanced my meat and carb based meals with some veg.

The article was even better than the headline let on.  It, in fact, is a well reasoned interview about the joys of moderation…

So can we tuck into a steak guilt-free?
That’s a tabloid way of looking at it. If somebody had doubts about [whether or not to eat meat] and they read my book and agreed with it, they might think you can afford to eat a modest amount of dairy and meat without destructing the environment. But, of course, it is not what we eat individually — it is what we eat as a whole society that has the impact on the environment. Some vegans may continue their vegan ways. I’m arguing for meat in moderation, not to eradicate meat entirely, nor to overconsume it.

The tabloid way of looking at things seems to be exactly what the author is dispelling in his book. And I love it. He points out inaccuracies in the sensationalized view that meat production is destroying the environment.

And that moderation, not extremism,  just may be the key to a greener life.

So, I’m ordering Meat: A Benign Extravagance by Simon Fairlie. A vegetarian who became a farmer and then started eating his own goats.

A self described born-again carnivore.