For the Top Chef DC finale I decided to pull a little fancy dinner of my own. And of course, I had just returned from the land of enchantment with lots of chili powder.

I made the sauce from the powder and one from sour cream and then stuffed CSA peppers with chicken and cheese.

I didn’t wipe my plate before I served, so sadly, I did not win Top Chef DC. I know, I know. Next season!

After the stuffed peppers, we enjoyed another treat from my trip, chocolate elixir from Kakawa Chocolate house. This is seriously one of the best tasting things I have ever had to drink. When I walked into this little chocolate house in Santa Fe they welcomed me with a taste of EVERY flavor. I brought home several of the dry wafers flavors to make at home…

To grate:

To whisk:

To enjoy:

This stuff is so intense and delicious. I don’t like coffee (as traditional supertasters go), so this can be my espresso. Thank you chocolate gods.

A perfect end to a perfect meal.