Last night we had a big ole pot of chili. And I forgot to take pictures. Mainly because C. made it while I was off at acupuncture.

I love chili. Nowadays.

I used to hate it because it had kidney beans in it and kidney beans have thick skins and a funny shape and were therefore scary. But then I learned you could make it with black beans. (duh). But now I like all kinds of beans, so I do mix it up a little sometimes.

Last night’s chili had plenty of CSA ingredients, too. I love how easy it is, and how  filling! Its also nice because you can throw what you have into it, resulting in many variations.

C’s Chili

2 small onions, chopped

1 yellow & 1 green bell pepper, also chopped

1 chipotle chili–this gives it a major kick!

2 cans of chili tomatoes

1 can of black beans

EDIT: It’s PERFECT that this post is called forgetful, because I forgot the POUND OF GROUND BEEF. Yeah, thats pretty important.

That’s it! Sautee the veggies, brown the beef, then add the canned goods. Cook for however long you want, but an hour is a good start. We topped with cheese, sour cream and chips. Yum-o.

And here is where I would normally insert the picture of cheesy chili goodness.  Sorry. Instead, check out this completely irrelevant picture of a cucumber:

Hope everyone had a good labor day!