Super tasting has given me quite the refined palate. For example, I can differentiate between green giant and del monte canned green beans. Leading to much eye-rolling from my mother.

Sorry, Mom! My super palate bends to no sale on canned goods! Even if they are buy one get one free!

But, now, I’m trying to be a big girl and eat the fresh ones.

I froze a bunch of beans last weekend and have been using them in our meals this week, adding them to anything from boxed TJ’s soup to fried rice.

Blanching is crucial! It stops the enzymes and keeps everything crisp tender.

Another important step is to freeze them in a single layer on a cookie sheet first, so you can use them as needed.  No frozen green bean bricks to contend with later.

I must admit, I would still prefer green giant to the fresh version. I love the soft texture and salty non-green flavor. For a long time, this was the only green veggie I would touch.

Here I am at Costco, fawning over the super sized can:

C. had to perform a quick intervention to keep it out of our cart.

But…but…its so pretty!