I’m back! After a very refreshing weekend of doing very little and taking care of a sick husband, I’m fighting off the bug myself. Fun times.

All the more reason to fill up on these:

Week #12 includes:

8 tomatoes

Bunch of parsley

3 yellow peppers

2 eggplant

3 carrots

Pole Beans

Lemon Basil

I made tomato sauce, dried tomatoes, meatballs, and waffles (with berries from last week). I also froze the beans and put parsley in just about every thing we ate all weekend. Yum.

AND one morning when I went to make eggs for C. , he said:

“I think I need a chard-break.”

I knew it would catch on.

Now, don’t be afraid to add this to your vocabulary, too. Just remember to send me a nickel every time you do. 🙂