It was a weekend of Latin-type food, both homemade and out. At home, I made salsa (one of my favorite things) with all CSA ingredients and ate it with nachos. I did not get a jalapeno at TJs because I thought one of the peppers in my CSA basket was a little spicy because it looked like the spicy ones my sister grew in her garden last year.

Sadly, I was wrong, so my salsa was a little flat. But an overnight rest in the fridge blended the flavors really nicely. I love things that are better the next day! Next time I will get cilantro, too. But this had such a clean, fresh and uncomplicated flavor. Very nice.

Tomatoes, onion and peppers into the processor…

Give it a whirl…

I’m really into TJ’s reduced fat Mexican blend cheese, even though it doesn’t melt very well. It still tastes good!

In other (big) news…C returned for good!!!! Its amazing to have him back. The house just feels like a home again. I spent Sunday afternoon on the couch watching him put his stuff away and chatting. Getting a kiss every once in awhile. Heaven.

We went out to a new neighborhood Latin restaurant last night that was just…eh. Its sad because its so close and my favorite genre of food. Maybe it will get better? I have hope!