I’ve been seeing Larabars everywhere lately, especially on Iowa Girl Eats (an adorable blog–she even put a larabar in a smoothie the other day!). My TCM doc also recommended them.

So, last night at the TJs I decided to go for it and bought 5.

Now, I love a granola bar.  C. and I buy big boxes of them and eat them everyday. Its a good ‘on-the-go grad student’ kind of food. But energy bars have always turned me off a little. Weird taste.

Also, me and soy don’t get along real well and every granola bar seems to have the little “CONTAINS: SOY” label.  Sigh. Not to mention the foot long list of crappy chemistry set ingredients.

Enter LaraBars. Which, somehow (magic?) have nothing in them but fruit and nuts. I tried Cherry Pie this morning. WOW! SOOO goood. I’m hooked.

They are definitely more expensive, but for something I eat almost everyday, I think a little extra money for the lack-of-all-things crappy is worth it.

My new buddy Lara…sorry for the crappy  phone picture!