I went into the cruise with a mixture of excitement and fear about food. I knew there would be TONS of food. I knew it would be easy to access and “free.” I also knew there would not be a lot of veggies in my choices. I was terrified I would over eat.

But, I had also accepted it.  Isn’t that what vacation was for? Indulgences…like white bread and cupcakes?

But, as luck would have it, the food just wasn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and I ate a lot of it, but it wasn’t so amazing that I couldn’t stop eating. The quality matched the price we paid for the vacation, so I was happy.

The food in Freeport, however, was quite good, especially all the fish for C. He ate a whole plate of these conch fritters (and a fish gyro!)

Also, Carnival is know for its Chocolate Melting Cake and I had one every single night!! Clay also loved the creme brulee.

And really, everything is good when this is your backdrop…

And no, there are not any veggie pictures from my vacation. Even a veggie blog gets a break every once in awhile! A veggie vacation, if you will.