Before I left for my vacation, I had a backlog of veggies that I knew wouldn’t make it the week that I would be gone. I spent hours getting it all frozen and/or used in some way, and I ended up improvising something quite yummy that fed me a lunch and dinner before taking off for the cruise. All the ingredients used were from the CSA (except salt, pepper, stock, olive oil and Parmesan).

I started with an almost mirepox, almost soffritto (but no celery!). It was heavy on carrots because I had a lot of them and I love their sweetness. I grated the carrots and the onion and chopped the garlic.

I cooked these for about 10 minutes and then added those tomatoes back there and cooked for another 10 min with some chicken stock until things had broken down and gotten sauce-y.

At the last minute of cooking I added a hearty amount of CSA parsley and basil to keep those flavors fresh.

I put the sauce over some boiled potatoes with a little parsely…and magic…a lunch and a dinner!

It was carrot-y and the potatoes just soaked up that sauce. Very yummy!

Also, this dish was extremely safe for me. WELL within my comfort zone, which was…well, comforting!