After a relaxing week, I have returned to the land of frozen veggies. I missed the CSA pick up yesterday by even more than I had imagined because of a looooog plane delay. And for those of you who know me, flying is not my favorite anyway. Booo, hissssss.

The cruise was awesome. I took naps, snorkeled, ate a lot of (okay) food. I love the ocean, I can’t get enough. This cruise renewed my interest in taking a transatlantic.

My sister’s friend came along…and she is a hard core picky eater–much like myself at her age. I realized just how far I’ve come. I think she deserves her own post…stay tuned.

Even though I didn’t get the fresh veggies this week I’m excited to dig into all the stuff I’ve been keeping…I see fried rice coming my way…with pickles on top. Ha!

Pictures from the trip coming soon!

But for now…Dirty Potatoes!