Blueberries are magical and oh-so American, oh-so summer. I watched a Good Eats episode about blueberries a long time ago and was memorized by their nutritional punch and native pedigree. I decided to start liking them in things besides muffins. Although, these cooks illustrated muffins take it to a whole new level. Try um.

But that’s not what we are talking about today…we are talking about blueberry shortcake. And ice cream with whiskey and honey.

I picked up a pint of fresh blue berries from a local farmer at Eastern Market on my way home from yoga. The sun was shining. I didn’t take a bag, so I carried the pint home for 15 min starting at them without eating even one. Tough. But would you really blame me if I had?? Look at them!

Throw those in a pan with some lemon, sugar and pinch of cinnamon.

Add heat. Magic happens…

Oh man. They were awesome.