I would be completely amiss if I didn’t mention another strange eater that lives with me, my kitty, Alcy. She is 7 years old and has had this habit since she was a kitten. I almost said tiny kitten, but this baby was never tiny. The doctor actually said that she was only fat shelter kitten she had ever seen. Ha!

This sweet kitty hides a horrible secret. Like I am a super taster, Alcy is a wool-sucker. And it sucks, literally. She eats ANYTHING on the floor made of almost any material. Pillow corners, sheets, blankets, sweaters, socks. Its gross. The only good thing is that we must keep our house clean! We have to warn guests when they come over because she will go straight for their jackets if not hung up. I don’t have a lot examples any more because we’ve become so good at keeping stuff out of her little mouth.

Tank top that she had for about two seconds. I can hear it happening, so stopped it pretty quickly. And this blanket is another example.

In her 7 years she has never gotten sick from it. I hope it stays that way!