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Week 8

They were good to their word, no Chard. But honestly, I’m more overwhelmed by the amount of zucchini and squash. I can’t eat it all, so they have taken over my freezer. We will have enough to last us for a long time after the CSA is done in the fall.

p.s. I need a bigger freezer.

In this bag this week:

2 eggplant

2 tomatoes (heirloom looking)

2 zuchinni

2 squash

1 bunch each basil and parsley

2 cucumbers

3 sweet onions

I set to work as soon as a I got home to get as much preserved as possible. Luckily I had some good TV, and Top Chef DC was a nice inspiration for all the cutting and chopping. I even got a little crazy with my knife and tried some new moves.  Don’t worry, C.–no cuts!

After two hours of work, I had four bags of frozen items and more pesto. I also made a tomato sauce (which I’m about to eat for lunch over some of last weeks potatoes).

The eggplant and cukes are going to the nice friend who is checking in on the cats while I am on vacation! I can’t wait to get on the cruise ship and eat everything all day long.

See you next Thursday!!


No chard this week! This is the first week without chard! The farm has decided to give us a break. Niiiiice.

I’m a little stressed about tonight. After work,  I have acupuncture in Georgetown and then have to run back home and leave to pick up my CSA bag by 9pm. I’m leaving town for awhile so I need to preserve everything tonight after getting home pretty late.  Just a tad overwhelmed by the idea. Not to mention the laundry that needs to be done so I can pack for my trip tomorrow after class.

But at least I will not have to face…dun..dun..dun!!!! The chard!


My little sister came for a visit this weekend and it was just wonderful. My step dad was coming up to Maryland for work anyway, so he dropped her off on Saturday morning. I decided to treat them to a little local veggie goodness.

Not to mention that I was feeling a little overwhelmed with veggies and they both eat anything!

I decided on a panzanella, because bread makes everything better. I read some recipes, but ended up just winging it.

I used all CSA veggies. I sauteed two small sweet onions and 1 clove of garlic, then added my two tomatoes and one zucchini. I didn’t let them cook very long, just to get some of the juices out and warm it up a bit, but I didn’t want to lose the fresh flavor.

I toasted cubes of wheat bread with olive oil in the pan, then added them to the veggies. Then I added a lot of CSA basil and some red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

MixMixMix (that’s me, there!)

I sprinkled some parm on at the end and served with  rotisserie chicken.

The fam enjoying. Yum!

Some adjustments I will do if I make this again: Toast the bread cubes more…they got just a tad soggy. I would also cook the zucchini a little longer, it was a little hard. But overall, a very good lunch!!

I had to get up early this morning but it was made totally okay by the topic of my morning podcast…TASTE.

So, I have a love affair with Josh and Chuck of the Stuff You Should Know podcast and listening has become my commute routine (along with stuff you missed in history class). I have become very good at jeopardy and trivial pursuit because of this habit.

This morning’s podcast was SO interesting it woke me right up and started my day off right. It was like coffee for you normal tasters!!

Super tasting was even mentioned several times. I learned so many things that I didn’t know, I can’t even recount them all here. But if you have any interest in how taste/flavor, etc work, I highly recommend listening to this 35 minutes of awesomeness.

A few things that resonated with me:

1.  You can taste carbon dioxide. Blech! I hate carbonated beverages. Validation!

2. Your gut can taste and trigger vomiting and tummy aches. I get really bad stomach aches after eating lots of greens…especially after drinking green juice. In fact, I’ve had a few not stay down.

3. The gene that determines how/if you taste bitter is so prominent that for a time it was used in paternity tests.

Yes, my friends. So much cool information. And as my buddies always say at the end of their podcasts, you can go HERE and type taste in the ‘handy search bar’ and…

Your search for “taste” returned 1,653 articles.

The first page alone…(

Okay, so now I’m off to write Josh and Chuck my first fan email. I feel like a school girl with a poster of JTT in her locker. (Throwback!)

OMG! They are so cute and smart…!!!

One veggie that I have always loved (that may or may not qualify as a veggie to normal people) is pickles. I’m not really into canning, its a lot of work in a tiny kitchen. But, with all of the cukes I got, I really wanted to make some delicious pickles. So, I thought I’d try my hand at fridge pickles.

No pain in the butt canning, just pickles.

I sliced up the cucumbers (about 4) and put in several cloves of garlic I got from the CSA.

Next I made a fridge pickle preservation concoction of vinegar, water, sugar, red pepper flakes, peppercorns. Oh! and SALT. Of course. Boil until salt and sugar dissolve.

I dumped over the bowl of cucumber and garlic and let it sit a little to let them get soft.

Then, I put (stuffed) them in a jar.

P.S. I now have more cucumbers….sigh.

P.S.S They are really, really good. I keep stopping by the fridge and eating them. I’ve actually just left a fork in the fridge next to the jar. Don’t hate.

As promised, the green bread post. When he saw the last picture, C. said ‘that doesn’t look natural.’ And I have to be honest when I opened the food processor to this…

The smell that came out completely turned me off to this…

I froze them for now, but plan to break them out soon!

I mentioned before that my first impressions of our CSA was the strong community of people involved. I got to see this first hand this week! I’m so grateful that the coordinator of the program was willing to meet me this morning after I got back from LA to hand over the bag. So…good news! I still got my blue bag!! With Corn!

In the bag:

2 Cucumbers

1 summer squash

1 big, 1 small zucchini

2 ears of corn (!!)

New Potatoes

Lots of carrots




2 tomatoes!!

Wow! I’m so glad my awesome little sister is coming this weekend to help me eat up all of these veggies. She did not get the super taster gene and so she is really looking forward to trying these local goodies.

As you can see from the pic…summer is definitely here!!

Any starch based veggie is good for me! Corn, potatoes and peas. Yum-0.

I had to cancel my CSA pick up this week since I will be on a red-eye back from LA, but I still got the list of what would have been in my bag tonight and it made me very sad.

bicolor corn, cucumber, squash, carrots, beets, potatoes, chard, basil, Thai basil

Sign. BUT I thought I was going to miss the first week of tomatoes and I didn’t, so thats a relief! But CORN!?!?!

That’s almost as bad.

To start off my veggie posts from last weekend…frozen squash! This method freezing is great because you blanch, then pre-freeze in a single layer on a cookie sheet. See how nice and separate they are? Like little golden coins. They will be so easy to use in soups or as a side. Yum. I love the idea of local veggies in the winter. If they make it that long!

Our ancestors would be proud! I am making the once treacherous trek from coast to coast in less than 48 hours! I’ll be in LA for about a day for work, it should be fun. Maybe I should look up the word fun?

Be back soon! Look forward to some green bread stories.

And wish my planes luck! (please).

I’m planning a lot of good veggie cooking this weekend, but for a Friday, we need something…sweeter.

Like homemade ice cream, perhaps?

This recipe is perfect for blueberry shortcakes. It has buttermilk, whiskey and honey, along with the standard ice cream ingredients. Heavenly. The tang of the buttermilk was great with the sweetness of the blueberries.

The whiskey adds the perfect bite, and apparently helps the ice cream set up a bit more softly. Did I mention you don’t have to cook anything? Just mix ingredients and dump into the ice cream machine. We ate it as soft serve, but it did set up nicely for later.

And a little tip–cover the surface of your ice cream with plastic wrap and it prevents those pesky little ice crystals from forming!

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