I’m not sure how I did anything without a salad spinner. It really is a miraculous thing. My mad dash to preserve as much as possible before leaving for TX was much more efficient when I didn’t have to dry things with kitchen towels.

I’m really excited about how I preserved the greens (chard and red leaf lettuce). I blanched them for 2 min at exactly 9:11pm. Although, I hear you can do it anytime of day.

I shocked, drained and stuffed them into sandwich baggies which then went into a larger freezer bag. My plan is to use them in a soup with white beans. Because C. loves white bean soup. And he is coming home this weekend for a visit!!!! Yippee!!!!! YAY! Eh-hem, I mean, yeah, I guess that could be fun.

Oh, I guess he won’t be surprised about the soup now, sorry hun!