A very timely post appeared over at the kitchn today about enjoying the variations of life, nature and people.   When I first saw the post I was just excited about the picture of the multi shaped and colored farm fresh eggs. When I pick up my eggs I’m always excited to see the little wonky one. I actually took a lot of photos of this one because, although its hard to tell, its very blue and tiny.

But when I actually read the whole post, I was grateful for the little bit of wisdom it imparted. I’ve been running into some of those tough life walls lately, having to face stuff that I’m not proud of and would love to change about myself. Like the fact that I have to drug myself into oblivion to fly. But its nice to just think about myself as a little blue egg. The one that I feel so much affection for. When I see the wonky egg in my carton I often picture the little hen that laid it. To her, its just as good as the big brown ones. And she’s right, this one was darn tasty!