A while ago I found this adorable podcast call spilled milk. Its not too short and not too long, which I appreciate. They did a show on peas recently and it was hilarious. They even had an expert, Francis Lam, weigh in on the mushy v barley cooked controversy.

When I listened to the show, I had fantasy of shopping at the farmers market in a big hat and a basket full of peas. Peas are a recent addition to the ‘like list,’ even though my nick name when younger was sweet pea (or evil pea, depending).

THEN, C. and I went to Fearrington House for dinner and I had fresh amazing garden peas with gnocchi and everything was confirmed.

Must. Have. More. Peas.

I was disappointed last week to have no peas, but this week…they will come. Oh yes, they will come.

Sugar Snap…