I got home from yoga last night and wanted some nachos. During the end of class savasana the lights went down and we were asked to set intentions, my intention was to eat black beans and cheese on a chip.

From last weeks bag I had a squash, some lettuce and the beets left over. How was that going to translate to nachos ? Hmmm.

The lettuce was a bit wilted so I threw that and the squash into a pan and added some jarred salsa. Beans, chips and cheese went under the broiler. Yum.

I ate it before I took any pictures.  Sorry, my intentions just took over.

But here are those pretty little squashes cooking up…

Oh, you want to know about the beets? Um…still in the fridge. I’m planning on roasting them, but need to look up some recipes and figure out how to cut them up. Either that or I will have red juice with dinner!