I hope everyone gets my 5th Element reference. If not, watch the movie, its awesome. We green?

I made this juice  on Saturday with chard, radishes and an apple. Um, wow! That woke me up. The apple helped a little, I guess, but it went down hard. And I did get a nice burst of energy, but that could have also been because of the adrenalin rush from getting this in my belly. Ha.

In other news, my dad came to visit me this weekend and we did the twilight tour of the DC monuments on Saturday. On Sunday he took me to target and to the pet store since I don’t have my car. Such a dad thing to do!

He also bought C. and I an anniversary gift. Well, it was mainly me because I have been coveting one of these since the first CSA pickup. I had actually planned a post on how much I needed one. Can’t wait to use it this week!

Salad Spinner!!