Jenn, a friend from NC, sent me this very interesting article on super tasters and salt yesterday (thanks Jenn!).

I had read about super tasters liking salt more than normal (or medium) tasters before. Its usually on the “Are you super taster check list.”  Did your mom experience very bad morning sickness? (check) Do you looooove salt? (check) Do you hate coffee? (check)

This article is a good backgrounder, and has some pretty interesting links. For example:

“There are even songs about supertasters.”

Awesome. I also love how the main researcher has my last name (different spelling) and the research was done very close to my home town in PA.

Salt blocks bitterness, which is why we love it. The research also finds that while super tasters tolerate salty foods better, we don’t often add it to our food. Seems like a paradox.

Why? “That’s a hard one to answer,” Hayes says. “If you force me to speculate, I’d say that as people perceive smaller differences in things, it becomes more desirable to seek those things out. It’s true of wine connoisseurs, but it’s true of art and music as well. It seems that being able to pick up smaller differences makes experiences more salient – more front-and-center.”

I’m totally a salt connoisseur, btw.

MMMM…Salt lick…