Well, just in case anyone was worried that I didn’t get to eat my fresh and gorgeous swiss chard, this note was in my “In the Bag” notice today…

“Swiss chard will be a presence all summer long so it’s best to learn to love it.”

What a relief! (I think…)

There were some good recipes for the chard in the newsletter, but any suggestions are welcome!

Also, there are some more ‘real’ veggies in the bag this week, not just greens, which I am SUPER excited about…peas please!!

Oh, and cross your fingers that I remember to take my blue bag back today. Its in the spaceship. That’s the affectionate nick name for our closet in the living room that is full of items, but very organized. Like a tiny spaceship! Aw!

But, I’m worried about the whole out of sight, out of mind phenomenon when I get home from work…so wish me luck!

Doing our part to save the shuttle…