I came home from my amazing, fantastic, wonderful weekend in NC to a very sad sight.

Two wasted CSA products.  I can hear the booing and the hissing already…

The chard was completely brown, when it used to look like this (wasn’t it pretty, then?):

The other causality was the dill. I put it in water in the fridge and thought it would make it. But  I could smell it as soon as I walked in the door. The fridge is going to smell like pickles from now until kingdom come.

BUT, I also want to highlight some successes of the weekend. We went to Fearrington Village to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We stayed there on our wedding night so decided to go back  and enjoy a bit more of the grounds, do some shopping and eat at their delicious restaurant (several times).

It was incredible. They bumped us up to a suite again (with soaking tub). C. had a beautiful summer bouquet in the room when we arrived. We saw their famous belted cows. The service was impeccable. Wow.

My favorite thing at dinner was the amuse bouche, a play on ants on a log. Braised celery, jasmine plumped raisins and a peanut butter panna cotta. Yum!

C. just wanted the breakfast. HE woke ME up to  go get it. That is not normal.