Whew! I did a lot of cooking last night!

My zipcar got bumped up to a nicer car at the last minute, so I drove a prius and I loooooved it. I’m ready for a nice car, people. I’m a grown woman.

I was the last one to pick up my stuff at 6:30pm, but nothing was wilted. In fact, it was gorgeous. Really. I smelled the dill the whole drive home.

Without Further Ado…the contents of bag #1:

6 brown eggs

1 bunch Rainbow Chard

1 bunch Kale

1 bunch broccoli raab

Herb bundle (dill, thyme, oregano)

Garlic Curls (Scapes)

1 head of lettuce

I was most excited about the eggs, herbs and that gorgeous head of lettuce…

The eggs were all brown, but one was really pale and small. So cute!

Stay tuned for the chronicle of my cooking craziness last night!