Today is the day! I will zip away in my zip car to pick up my first CSA bag. I got my first “in the bag” email last night.  But you, dear reader, will have to wait till tomorrow to see what it contains!

Now a serious moment. I had a panic attack when I read the list of veggies last night. Some of the stuff is on my ‘truly scary veggies’ list. The ones I have not even attempted to think about liking.

To calm myself, I will include a list of the baby steps I’ve made along the way, as encouragement.

Spaghetti: I went from no sauce at all, to only white noodles and smooth marinara, to chunky sauce. Now, I eat brown noodles and fresh sauces. Tomatoes are a BIG win!

Mexican Food: I would eat tacos with just beef and cheese .  Double rice, no beans. Now I eat beans and even avocados. I looove Mexican food and it has really broadened my horizons. Beans, another big win!

Chips and Salsa: This is my favorite. I used to just eat the chips. Then I started dunking them in the ‘salsa water’  just to get a little flavor. Now I scoop up everything and eat all kinds of salsa! Even with onions!

Bread and Rice: White to wheat/brown. A hard and slow transition.

Soups: Also hilarious. I used to get every ounce of broth and meat out and leave a pile of dry veggies at the bottom of the bowl. Sad really. Now, I just eat it like a normal person! (most of the time)

I get compliments (or should I say comments…) on how well I can pick through food and just get out the stuff I like. It is an impressive talent I have honed over the years, it will also be a hard habit to break!

Stay tuned tomorrow for CSA pictures!

A preview…gulp…