I’ve had some questions about the acupuncture I mentioned. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has become a really important part of my plan to become healthier. About 8 months ago I was feeling really crappy. Sluggish, irritable and foggy. My digestive system was quite unhappy. I was also having bad PMS. I went to the doctor and heard the typical ‘stress’ from grad school and working, but deep down I knew it had more to do with my habits.

I did a little research and kept coming up with acupuncture and TCM as a way to get my body more in balance. I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t really motivated to change my habits. I thought this might be a way to feel better without really working for it. Just stick some needles in me and wha-la!

I found Tracy. She had a student discount (my insurance didn’t cover it back then) and we had a few great emails back and forth. I (very nervously) went in for my first appointment. I am a little type A, which I have mentioned, so I made detailed notes on my complaints and was honest about my eating and other habits. This was very helpful. But, the one thing she zeroed in on…

“What do you mean your diet is terrible?”

Oh crap. She came down on me pretty hard. But in a way that I NEEDED to hear. It was constructive and helpful. She gave me some herbs and other aids to help change my diet and homework to journal my food intake. Over the next few weeks, I became motivated and increased my vegetable and fruit intake from 2-4 servings a week to 2-4 a day!

And here I am today. I feel worlds better. I’ve lost a little weight without even really trying and kept it off (I was already at a pretty healthy weight). I have tons more energy and both my digestive and reproductive systems are much more regular. I now go once a week because I have better insurance.

People aren’t kidding when they talk about the importance of a holistic approach. Tracy has taught me that everything I do effects my health. I look forward to my appointments and continuing to get more in balance.

I promise, it doesn’t hurt…