I mentioned in my first post that I love to cook and eat out at fancy restaurants. I once read that most food critics and chefs are ‘normal’ tasters, which makes sense because they can taste and enjoy the widest variety of foods.

But, I’ve always loved to cook. When I was young, I asked for Gourmet magazine (RIP) after seeing it at a doctors office. I watched PBS and other cooking shows, eventually the food network, and learned technique. I would make elaborate meals, then eat cereal while the rest of my family enjoyed them. I can cook well even if I don’t like the ingredients, which is odd, because tasting is such an important part of building flavor. However, understanding how cooking works intellectually can get you pretty far. I’ve had a lot more fun, though, as my tastes have expanded.

I actually had a dream last night that I was in a cooking competition (maybe watching too many on TV?) and I made eggs and hash browns and they were awful. I was so embarrassed!

One of the first meals I made in Middle School…

Then didn’t eat because of the onions…