These days, one can hardly talk about food without talking about obesity. It’s similar to every nature show having a little nod to climate change before it wraps up. It’s the issue du jour. There are so many shows on TV and products on the market about obesity or to help folks lose those unwanted pounds.

It is clear that there is an obesity problem in the US, and because of that–somehow– it is okay to fat-shame. I am getting SO sick of the generic scene that accompanies every media story about fatness of ‘obese’ people’s rear ends walking, while ‘tactfully’ not showing their faces.

Then came this Jamie Oliver show. A man that I previously liked…don’t even get me started. It’s hook is sensationalized shaming of mothers for killing their children with ho-hos in the fattest town in America!!!  I realized just how much this trend is bothering me. Read this post “Jamie Oliver’s Not So Awesome Food Revolution” from the Uppercase Woman, which is a wonderful analysis that I agree with whole-heartedly.

Now, do I have a problem with the way we are trained (or forced) to eat in the US? Yes! I ate cheetos and a fruit roll up every day in junior high–simply because I could! McDonlads is cheaper than the farmers market. Things need to change.

BUT, fat shaming is never the answer. Honestly, a discussion of class must be included. Food stamps limit choices. WIC is based on 1970’s data. Organic food is expensive and spoils quickly. CSA’s are costly and you have to have the time and flexibility to pick up your purchases. Healthy, fresh, local food is a privilege.

So, that’s the rant. Instead of fat shaming, let’s focus on healthy eating habits and making it affordable and accessible. My thoughts aren’t that unique, and people are doing some great work in this direction. But I guess that doesn’t sell as well as the Biggest Loser.

Happens so quickly…