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This may not look very appetizing, but it’s actually quite yummy. It also represents a step in the right direction for me. I didn’t have to think, I just threw together some left over CSA veggies, black beans, rice and mixed in some of my many pestos…and lunch! I’m learning…


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I’m not sure how I did anything without a salad spinner. It really is a miraculous thing. My mad dash to preserve as much as possible before leaving for TX was much more efficient when I didn’t have to dry things with kitchen towels.

I’m really excited about how I preserved the greens (chard and red leaf lettuce). I blanched them for 2 min at exactly 9:11pm. Although, I hear you can do it anytime of day.

I shocked, drained and stuffed them into sandwich baggies which then went into a larger freezer bag. My plan is to use them in a soup with white beans. Because C. loves white bean soup. And he is coming home this weekend for a visit!!!! Yippee!!!!! YAY! Eh-hem, I mean, yeah, I guess that could be fun.

Oh, I guess he won’t be surprised about the soup now, sorry hun!


Thanks so much to everyone for your input, mystery solved.

I had my suspicions since it was bundled with (but separate from) a bundle of normal looking dill. But I didn’t know that it got all yellow and flowery. You learn so much when stuff actually comes from a farm and not the grocery store herb plastic containers. Also good to know that I can eat it. Or just let it look pretty.

Someone tell me what this is and what I was supposed to do with it. It was in the herb bundle in my box with week. I just put it in water and it looked pretty. ???

A very timely post appeared over at the kitchn today about enjoying the variations of life, nature and people.   When I first saw the post I was just excited about the picture of the multi shaped and colored farm fresh eggs. When I pick up my eggs I’m always excited to see the little wonky one. I actually took a lot of photos of this one because, although its hard to tell, its very blue and tiny.

But when I actually read the whole post, I was grateful for the little bit of wisdom it imparted. I’ve been running into some of those tough life walls lately, having to face stuff that I’m not proud of and would love to change about myself. Like the fact that I have to drug myself into oblivion to fly. But its nice to just think about myself as a little blue egg. The one that I feel so much affection for. When I see the wonky egg in my carton I often picture the little hen that laid it. To her, its just as good as the big brown ones. And she’s right, this one was darn tasty!

I’m in Brownsville, TX for work, which Is way south of Houston, but I couldn’t resist the title. It’s a little border town and I have really enjoyed my time here. You see, DC does not have Mexican food like I’m used to from NC. And not even NC couldn’t even come close to this awesomeness…

Another Pea post…and so soon!

I couldn’t resist. Before I did any other food prep and preservation last night I hulled the peas and cooked them up for dinner.

It was one of the very few times I was glad that C. was in NC and can’t come anywhere near my peas. They’re just aren’t that many, see? I’m not a bad person.

I sauteed them with a little butter, green garlic and basil (all from CSA bag) after a 1 minute blanch. Onto a plate and topped with a little Parmesan and pepper. Add to that an episode of Top Chef DC and I was in heaven!

Final Results…

I also had a piece of trader joe’s frozen french toast after to you know, ’round things out.’

Week 3 is here!

In the bag:

1 bunch Chard

1 head red leaf lettuce

1 bunch dill

2 bunches basil

1 bunch Chocolate Mint

1 green garlic

2 tiny cumbers

1 summer squash

Small bag of sugar snap peas

Sorry no kitty face this time! Everything looked and smelled delicious! I had to do quite a bit a preserving because I leave for Houston today, but more on that later. The basil was a total surprise and there was SO much  of it! I was sad to not be able to most of it fresh!

I thought this new addition this week was pretty exciting: 

A while ago I found this adorable podcast call spilled milk. Its not too short and not too long, which I appreciate. They did a show on peas recently and it was hilarious. They even had an expert, Francis Lam, weigh in on the mushy v barley cooked controversy.

When I listened to the show, I had fantasy of shopping at the farmers market in a big hat and a basket full of peas. Peas are a recent addition to the ‘like list,’ even though my nick name when younger was sweet pea (or evil pea, depending).

THEN, C. and I went to Fearrington House for dinner and I had fresh amazing garden peas with gnocchi and everything was confirmed.

Must. Have. More. Peas.

I was disappointed last week to have no peas, but this week…they will come. Oh yes, they will come.

Sugar Snap…

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