Last night I got my first email from the coordinator of my pick-up location in Alexandria, VA. It was a reminder of the normal reasons people join CSAs: To eat local and support local farms.

I totally agree with these principles of sustainability, even if  a more selfish reason initially prompted me to join the CSA. I’m happy to be supporting local farms and think it is crucial to how Americans consume food over the long haul.  Like a lot of modern folks, I  feel largely disconnected from the source of the food I eat.  The idea of eating foods at the time they were meant to be consumed is very exciting.

The tone of the email conveyed the commitment to these goals. It is clearly a tight knit community. The pick up is at someone’s house, off their porch. They recycle all the packaging and bags.  The self-service porch wasn’t what I expected for the pick up, but I’m not sure what I pictured. Maybe a farmer in overalls handing me a basket of produce while chewing on a strand of wheat? He might even had said something like, ‘here’s your veggies, little lady.’

My mini-share bags are blue, which is my favorite color, so I won’t have any trouble remembering. I also get a newsletter and an email of what will be in the bag. I was also warned that my lettuce will wilt in the heat, so I better get my butt down there and pick it up early!

Save me, I’m wilting!