I  do have a back-up plan. This isn’t a surprise, I am a planner. I love to do research, compare and contrast. Pro and con lists. Excel spreadsheets are fun. I got my first Franklin Covey at 13. I adore a list. Every morning I look at my calendar and to-do list and feel comfort and warm feelings.

I also hate waste. When C. and I first decided the  NC position was the best option for long-term career goals, I got lots of anxiety about wasting the CSA produce. But then I remembered… MY JUICER!

I got the juicer over a year ago for this very purpose. I actually use it frequently and highly recommend it. I started with all fruit and slowly added leafy greens and other veggies. Sure, the bitter taste is still there. But I can get it over my tongue fast when there is no chewing involved. It removes the fiber, but the nutrients remain.

So, I don’t want to resort to using it, but I will to avoid waste. When I report on my usage of the veggies for the week, eating the veggies gets a thumbs up, juicer gets a neutral and trash gets a thumbs down. Yes, I’m rating myself. This is serious!

When I just can’t eat it all…