If you’ve read my first post, or you have ever been around me for a meal, you may know that I have very strange eating behavior. Foods, even stuff I like, can make me cringe. This is because  I have about 7x the taste buds of a normal taster. I had this confirmed by a doctor and some blue dye.

Now allow me a small rant: Super tasting is a genetic condition and it is REAL. Its not just about being a picky, finicky eater. When that little kid you know won’t eat something b/c they say it hurts, they might not be being dramatic. It might actually hurt. Brushing it off and punishing them for not eating the food that tastes fine to you is not helping.

Ok, done. I obviously have strong feelings about this for a reason. For a long time I didn’t get the nutrition I needed  because I just could not bear the intensity of healthy foods. Nutrients apparently add a lot of flavor to food, go figure.  I also can’t drink coffee, soda or tea.  Alcohol is another problem, I get a lot of crap for not drinking, but its hard to get down. Shots are my best friend. 🙂

The worst part about this is the training my brain received. I have lost taste buds now (as we all do with age) and things are becoming easier to eat. But association is a cruel mistress.

I couldn’t eat strawberries as a child and everyone thought I was crazy. They were just so sweet and sour and when I put them in my mouth it would pucker and my shoulders would shake. Where I’m from, we call this a heeby-jeeby.

I’ll never forget the moment, when picking strawberries just two years ago, I decided to put one in my mouth. Just to see what happened. It was amazing. It was like summer and the sun and happiness all at once. I couldn’t stop eating them.

I don’t know at what point I lost enough taste buds to be able to eat them, but I had to get over my fear of them first.This has been happening more and more as time goes by. I’m hoping this CSA will provide me with some more of those experiences.

There is a great slate article about super tasting with all kinds of background if you are interested in learning more.

The super blue test…