This was on most of the CSA websites I pursued during my search.

Who Should NOT Join a CSA?

We’ve learned that people who fall into the following categories are not a good match for the CSA program:

Ok, great. Lets see how I do…

  • Anyone who is away on vacation many weeks (it’s your responsibility to have someone pickup your share if you are gone).

No problem! I’ll work that out!

  • Anyone who thinks this is a good way to save lots of money. It isn’t. We offer good value at a fair price.

Awesome, I want to support the farm and know that local products are worth the price.

  • People who don’t really like to cook or who don’t eat at home often.

Yay! I love to cook!

  • People who don’t like vegetables or who don’t like trying new foods.

Um…Didn’t they say something about eggs?

Denial is a beautiful thing.

NOT just a river in Egypt…