I have a very strange relationship with food. I love it. I hate it. I love to cook, but don’t always like what I make, but others seem to enjoy it. I love to go to fancy restaurants, but I have intense anxiety about finding something on the menu. There is a reason why I am this way, which I will cover in a later post.

I often eat McDonald’s while watching Top Chef Masters. The irony is not lost on me.

For as long as I can remember I ate nothing but white, bland food. Over the years, things have slowly progressed to red and very light green food. Slowly.

Age 8: Meals consisted of white bread and butter. Spaghetti, no sauce. White rice. At restaurants, if these options were unobtainable, I drank OJ or apple juice. Lots.

Age 12: Began to eat canned green beans. But ONLY green giant. My mom would try to sneak del monte in when it was on sale. She would hide the can. But, to no avail. I could tell the difference. This was proved on many occasions.

Age 17: Began to have more control over my diet and started eating only fast food. My ideal meal: fried chicken sandwich, plain. Order of fries and water (Because of course, I don’t like soda).

Age 21: Ate first ENTIRE iceberg salad at outback steakhouse. Well, except the weird parts like the onions and cucumbers.  Discovered thousand island dressing. Yum.

Age 23: Begin to worry about my diet and low energy level. Start to transition to whole grains instead of processed white flour products. I integrated cooked tomatoes and pale green salads fully into my diet and felt really good about it.

Age 27: Started acupuncture and after an intense lecture I have come quite far in a short amount of time. I now eat apples, carrots, darker greens, peppers ,beets and other basic types of produce. OH! And ENDIVES! I don’t pick the meat and noodles out of my lean cuisines, I eat ALL the elements.

And here I am. Scared and skeptical. I don’t like the texture or taste of most vegetables, but I WANT to. I feel like I have reached a point I can train myself to do so. When I go to a grocery store or a beautiful farmers market, things LOOK good to me, but I remain skeptical (and nervous).

To force my hand a little, I joined a CSA in February (more on my CSA and how I found it later). My husband and I got the “mini” share, which is still enough for two people.

BUT THEN…my husband got a job in NC for the summer and I am all alone with the SCARY vegetables!!!

So, I started this blog to hold myself accountable to actually eating what I paid for and not waste the lovely products I know are coming to me.

My first pick up is 3 weeks from today…the countdown begins.

A perfect meal, just as it is…